The Writing Business

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”


Everyone Communicates

  • Is your business suffering from an inability to communicate?
  • Can you describe what you do in a concise and appealing way?
  • Can you describe what you do in a way that engages interest?
  • Is your story more flight of fancy than elevator pitch?

Everyone uses words to communicate. Some do it better than others. Does it work? Business communication, web content, blogs, product descriptions, do they read well?

Social media has made it worse. The immediacy of it means the message is out there, often without thought or meaning.

Finding Your Voice

Finding a voice means that you can get your own feeling into your own words and that your words have the feel of you about them. Seamus Heaney, Feeling Into Words

You can benefit from better writing. We will take your communication, rewrite it and help you understand how to do it better in the future.