I was fortunate to work with Workspace through my links with Lairdesign. I have written and edited several corporate documents for them and worked on various other initiatives. They are an organisation with a broad range of interests and their origins are in the community.

I also have a special interest because Workspace was one of the first places my late friend Declan Coyle worked when when we left Queen’s University. Uncannily and happily, his name actually appeared in a retrospective publication I was writing by coincidence.

Workspace Annual Report

Workspace – the Journey

For their 25th Anniversary Workspace wished to create an animation or some sort presentation to celebrate their achievements with their staff and business partners. They didn’t really know how this would be done. Neither did we to be honest, until one day I was reading the Dr Seuss book the Lorax and a penny dropped.

This was written specially for the occasion. Inspired of course by Dr Seuss.

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