Today’s list

Things that annoyed me intensely this week. Magnificent seven.

  • When you get your car fixed, spend an absolute klondyke getting the thing ready for the MOT. . . get it home and something still isn’t working.
  • People raising objections to things and nit-picking, yet not offering a solution themselves.
  • If I am doing something for a particular reason, I don’t really need someone questioning what I’m doing.
  • Those in team sports that suffer from the disease of me, and fail to understand the true concept of the team.
  • My children’s school has introduced a late book for children that are late for school to sign. I have instructed them never to sign any admission of guilt.
  • Tom Humphries article about camogie in the Irish Times last Monday was good in parts but patronising nonsense elsewhere. Show me the evidence Tom.
  • Being slapped on the wrists by the Powers That Be in a large sporting organisation. Control freakery gone wild.

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