Today’s Other List

Pretty much useless things I found on my desk.

  • A capo with a screw missing. It is useless, but I can’t throw it out, for sentimental reasons you see.
  • A small but very likeable ticket stub from Casement Park, from a ticket roll used at the turnstile. Printed by Dun Dealgan Press in Dundalk (where else?), I would guess Ulster Council ordered loads of these years back and are still using up mega supplies. It says c.l.c.g and Comairle Uladh in old script. Not throwing it away either. The number is 03383.
  • A well used rubber.
  • A torch with a flat battery.
  • Two USB drives and a USB wireless connection. Three computer leads of various hues.
  • An iPhone instruction leaflet and some guff about Bose systems.
  • Post-its with things I have written on them that now, I don’t understand.
  • Two photographs of my daughter.
  • €20 and £10 in notes.
  • A guitar tuner. A magnet. A sharpener.
  • Small bottle of Hugo Boss aftershave, must fire some on and see what my wife thinks of that. She bought it after all.
  • A bottle opener from Curley’s Off Licence in Armagh.
  • Two philips screwdrivers.
  • My old University sports centre membership card and my now expired driving licence.
  • Some camogie teamsheets.
  • A cheque for £322.

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