Far From the Madden Crowd

If I was a poet and I’m not, more’s the pity, I could write about the start of this week. What is the Zen koan ‘Chop wood, carry water.’ This morning a friend, my nephew and myself had an entirely enjoyable time chainsawing three piles of wood I had accumulated over a couple of years. I felt like the star in a Seamus Heaney poem, carrying, lifting, moving, helping as my good friend Richard Carey did the sawing and Ciaran waited for his hand to become chain-sawed!

In the current climate it’s equivalent to a day’s work in the money we saved! I feel a more subsistence based lifestyle coming on for a lot of people in the days ahead. The hens may have to up their production levels.

Getting some interesting reaction to a piece I wrote the other day. Interesting topic, challenging – made a few people a little edgy. All good. Chased up a few new clients and prepared for a visit to a another client come Wednesday.

On Saturday for reasons best known to Ulster Camogie I was at an event in a place called Madden in Armagh. Very impressed with their facilities, less so some of the tripe talked! Afterwards we headed to Monaghan for a team bonding exercise so feel duly bonded after laughing my head off all night!

Tonight it’s Monday so it must be Armagh for this course. So far been very good. Missing my ma’s birthday party to go. I’m a bad son.

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