One Day in a Life

You little witch. . .

Another Mundane day… I’m told Treasa shouldn’t be allowed to watch her programmes in the morning. Well the mood she was in the morning ‘no-ing’ everyone and everything in sight. Pretty soon happiness reigns thanks to Dora, Peppa Pig and a couple of yoghurts.

Meanwhile Sorcha goes through her morning routine and climbs up in beside Hub for a while. I think Hub thinks Sorcha’s a dog too.

Peter brought all of Leo’s shell collection to school.

As the teacher laughed at half of Portstewart beach emptied on the desk I thought ‘bollix if Leo finds out…’

Doing books: Income dependent on too few people – note to self to change.

Spent hours filling in a form and gathering supporting documents.

The recession bites for breakfast. No milk – black tea and toast. Hello is this Lough Derg?

Off to Derry via the bank. Pleasant people in the Bank, they know me by my OD.

Derry full of traffic wardens. Fuckers scuse the language but they fry my head. My sister in law hit one over the head with her hand bag… Go Mary!

Looking round me travelling through ‘Wallworth’, suburb of Ballykelly. Not worth it at all.

Lot of food for thought from last night’s course – we can use it yes we can.

Need writing samples for possible ToV course but wiped my links to some pages I had gathered up. Basic groundrules: spellcheck unless coining a word. Otherwise sloppy seconds. A sentence was invented for a reason – capiche? Some people just cannot write hence they ask me. If you blog does anyone read you? Or are you like a tree branch breaking in the middle of the forest?

Training tonite at Uni with G was good – very enjoyable. Among the group two Ballinderry players, overall girls with good attitude, good level of fitness skills and good enough craic too. The other players including beginners coming along well. Happy enough G & me.

Irish class mighty – verb rules. The light went on, might actually be able to progress now.

Home – craic good with Angie, Baz and G.

Quote of the night, concerning a job application “you put it in and I’ll play with it!”

Bed and to wake to another day just like the one just finished.

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