The Musings in My Heart I Bore

What a wonderful life.

Went and bought new hat and gloves to work in the office. Very cold in here. There’s a draught somewhere and for two years now I haven’t been able to figure it out. Maybe it’s a poltergeist. If it is, maybe it will reveal itself, sometimes the company would be nice.

Got a bit of bad news yesterday about a close relative. Need to figure out what to do here. You can’t just phone the man up and say “I hear you’ve got cancer.”

Fox’s Chunky Extremely Chocolatey Cookies are exactly that.

I expected ice on the road to and from Armagh last night but thankfully there was none. The course provided more food for thought and more good ideas that I can use for the challenge ahead and for next season too. Are players mature enough to self evaluate? We will see. Are any of us?

Yesterday getting the children out to school I said “Coats on, it’s the coldest day of the year so far.” Leo replied, “What about January dad.” I was thinking school year, he calendar. There’s at least two perspectives on everything.

My brother came to visit us with Andrea and the three children on Sunday. The youngest, Sean Andrew and our Treasa did not hit it off. At all. ‘I don’t like THAT BOY’ she declaimed repeatedly, in a state of high agitation. The feeling was mutual. He was not impressed. Round two next weekend.

I read an article about suicide at the weekend in the Irish Times. To be in that situation where your world closes in around you, there is no escape and despair takes over. How can people get to the point of no return?

I just received a piece of disappointing news myself which is a bit of a hard blow to take and a real hard kick in the stones. However what puts it in perspective is the news I heard yesterday. Also in my mind is the optimism I had this time a year ago, only for it to be dashed leaving us bereft and utterly distraught.

“In the depths of winter I finally learned that there was was within me an invincible summer.”

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