Can’t Get You Outta My Head

I have long been preaching the importance of the written word. An interesting case in point has been the stir caused across Twitter and the Irish media establishment at a tweet from Sile Seoige last night.

Yes something she has written has changed the nation’s perception of her for good. Brand Seoige will never be the same.

After attending a Kylie Minogue concert in Dublin, Sile Tweeted to her few hundred followers:

“I may regret this tweet but I think I just came at the Kylie gig…seriously….that good.”

Subsequently she stated the Tweet was made with tongue firmly in cheek, (whether she was thinking of one of Kylie’s firm cheeks and her tongue we don’t know) but is certainly captured the imagination of the nation.

Suddenly Sile no longer comes across as the innocent looking presenter of safe daytime television. The vixen.

The frisson of excitement.

The hint of the erotic.

The absurdity of it all.

The fact that Sile is a curvaceous raven haired Irish beauty. The idea that she might be aroused by the on stage antics of Kylie. The fact that she probably,  definitely wasn’t.

If she had used the word orgasmic, it wouldn’t have had anything like the same effect. “I think I just came…”. Just think about it.

Just one simple Tweet. Changed utterly, a terrible beauty is horned. And as for Kylie, can’t get you outta my head.

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