You in Your Small Corner

Ah right. Today, Wednesday, we are back into routine. Tousleheads, morning refuseniks, lost shoes, missing schoolbags, homework done and undone. Notes, tears, tales from the classroom. Spellings, pointless notes, dinner money,lumbering cello, forgotten PE gear.

Once when Peter started Pre school I called in to see when he started and the teacher said today. So I left him with her to get on with it. Didn’t do him any harm.

It’s funny the wee morning routines. Every day Sorcha and I had a race to the door. ‘let’s have a wace daddy’ she’d smile with her Sorcha smile. She always won. Twas great.

And, no matter what I’m at in the morning, it’s her I’ll stop and smile at, her in her small corner and I in mine.

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