Thanks for Asking

Someone asked me the other day what I do. Good question.

In the last week I have done work paid and pro bono for the following in a freelance capacity, that is either working for a graphic design house or myself.

  • Recycling business – copywriting
  • Oil business involved in supply and recycling of home cooking oil – copywriting
  • Cardiac Risk in the Young – PR work
  • Higher education institution – copy writing, copy checking and proofing
  • A unit of a large sporting organisation – marketing consultancy
  • A kitchen manufacturer – copywriting
  • Eoghan Rua – PR work & web maintenance
  • Marketing blog
  • Design agency – copy checking & editing
  • Social enterprise – annual review copy editing/proofing.

So I am currently working on an Annual Report, several brochures, PR for CRY,  and a range of other stuff. Have a couple of new clients coming on stream in the next week too, which is good for me.

So, thanks for asking.  What do you do yourself?

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