The Lawstrynx

The Lawstrynx he lives a very strange life,

He sleeps most the days & lives by the night.

But most times he just can’t recall where he’s been,

He’s that busy been seen,

If u get what I mean.

Good times, & mad times every night of the week,

But the Lawstrynx don’t know

Cos he don’t know where he’s been.

His wallet’s much lighter a morning,

His head is in pain

But tonight & the next he’ll go again & again

And again & again he’ll adle his brain,

Wondrin’ where has he been with & who & even what was her name.

He’s chalkface white, hollow, washed out & strained

Gaunt from too much in his haunt yet again.

Supping & chinking & shorting & shots,

Talking & talking about nothing a lot.

So if you should see him, call him by his name,

And remind him that Lawstrynx means the man with no brain.

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