Riding the Recession

Today’s list…

Recession horse riding, the girls strapped a large fluffy horse onto the back of a golf trolley and are taking turns going on it. Cáit coined the term recession horse riding.

Got an email from someone in response to something I wrote. It happens occasionally. In this particular instance it meant a lot. Compared to some of the randomers that you run into.

The Armagh camogie team won their All Ireland at the weekend. Fair play to them. Their shirts look absolutely horrendous though.

Spent Saturday evening attending a birthday party for my brother in law. Spent the latter part of the evening with my other brother in law and another fella hoovering all the remaining whiskey in the house. Not a good idea. Created plenty space in the cupboards but wreaked havoc with the head. Sunday Morning Coming Down.

Isn’t it funny how even years later your opinion of someone is confirmed? There’s a fella I knew years ago was a bit of a tool, and having crossed his path again recently it’s good to know that I was right the first time. Once a tool, always a tool.

Also, Jim Allen who I worked with at the University died on Saturday. He was my boss. He enjoyed a smoke and a jar or two and had a great eye for good lookin’ women. One of the good guys, sorry to hear he’s gone from us.

Our Leo’s away off to school without his school bag. They rang me up to bring it down to him. That’s what I love about that school. Maybe get that sorted later.

I thoroughly enjoyed the four minutes of the rugby I watched yesterday.

I didn’t enjoy the many minutes of the X Factor I watched. Load of old cock most of it. Hopefully Janet Devlin will prevail but I wouldn’t bet upon it.

I attended Karen Coyles funeral last Friday. Very poignant. When I worked in the Uni she and I regularly crossed each other’s paths. Once we were part of a Uni delegation that travelled to Boston for an honorary graduation ceremony. Amidst a series of serious nightime sessions we had some great craic. On our day off Karen and I went out from Boston Aquarium to go whale watching. It was a great day out.

Yesterday, Millar Leon a guy I knew through work walked into the bar and tapped me on the shoulder. Haven’t seen him in 11 or so years. Great surprise, really good guy. Funny how sometimes you just get a blast from the past and it puts you in great form altogether.

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