A Red Gym Ball Blew Up The Street

This morning outside school

A red gym ball blew up the street

And with it someone’s good intentions.

It came upon me suddenly

Bouncing redly up the road.

I trapped it with my right foot

Not sure what to do.

Should I put it in the boot

And take it home?

It wasn’t my gym ball.

As I stood talking to my companion

I took my foot off it.

Not my red gym ball I thought

And away it went again,

Bouncing maniacally

Off past the school.

A few minutes later, as I drove along

I wondered where it might have gone.

I spied it bouncing around the side

Of someone else’s house

Or maybe its own house.

Unfaithful red gym ball.

I wondered is the owner

As red as the ball

Blowing up the street.

And does she bounce as much?

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