Writing Doughnuts

Doughnut do this.

And in the beginning there was the word. And the word was ‘and’. And you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘And’. Who ever said that?

Read this very carefully, okay? Just because you are writing for business doesn’t mean that you have to use jargon. It is pretentious, self indulgent and overbearing. Just don’t it.

Spellcheck. Simple. Got it?

If you’re asked for 500 words. Provide 500. If you’re asked for 50, provide 50.

Capital letters. Proper nouns take capital letters. That’s people, places and not general things. Once you remove overuse of capital letters from a document it instantly becomes more readable.

If you are asked to amend or review someone else’s work, avoid the need t o correct things that don’t need to be corrected. There’s a difference between writing style and grammatical correctness.

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