Forward Play Session

8 May 2014

Session on forward play: delivery, movement, shooting. Varying defensive intensity.

1            Stretch

2            Rondos – 3 Sized circles                                    [1.30 per set x 2]

3v5/ 2v6 keep the ball off men in middle. 3 groups working three different sized circles. Rotate groups after 1min30s 

3            Attack defend drill: 1 v 1                                     [2 mins on x 4]

/            ß                        /

/            à                         /

Line of players at each gate, 1 v 1 in middle, as soon as you shoot you defend the next player running.

Note fatigue level, run drill in 2 min sets & reset if it falls apart. Quality the priority.

4            Delivery & Score [12 mins 2 mins on]

1 – Players operate simple relay delivering ball out to player in Deliver Zone

2 – Player in Deliver zone delivers ball to player in shoot zone who is moving laterally to receive ball

3 – On receiving ball, player in shoot zone shoots & immed. Resets to receive next ball.

Attacking drill. Start unopposed working on movement & scoring. Quickly move to insert defenders in key zones to press the delivery & the shooter.

Direct score                                    Set up Score

Diagonal Ball.

Into space

/                             \   Runner                         \ Delivery in pairs

/\/         X                 \                                       \

/ ————————-                                                                                            Feeders

\                   X                        \                                          \

\                                  \ Runner                     \ Delivery in pairs

5            3 v 6 in Defence/Attack                                    [3x5mins]

Overload attacking & defending. Alternative the overload.

Condition 1m30s on.

Quickfire delivery. Any defence intervention, hook, block, snig, nick counts. Defenders to learn to mark space/zonal and pick up where required.

6             Pitch Drill Match

Bring above together in ¾ length pitch drill. Condition to favour defenders/forwards as required.

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