Home Work #1

With all the people coming to grips with the novelty of working from home I thought it would be useful to share my experiences of working chez moi for eleven years+. First of all it is mildly enlightening observing the workforce sharing images of the home workstation they have created. Very good. In truth, the desk computer cliche is an office construct. My advice? Have multiple places and locations to do your stuff. Yes a desk if you have to, and I do have one but I use it sparingly. Sometimes the burden of your work and your derriere, tóin, cheeks, whatever you call them will rest easier on an easy chair (where else?) a stool to put the feet up. Nowadays you can get a fair bit done on the iphone before you doze off. Yes, for in the office, sleeping on the job would be frowned upon, or worse. At home it is a clear benefit and one not to be ignored. The ideal home office is greatly enhanced by the addition of a sofa. Reclining there provides an unrivalled opportunity to retreat into one’s own mind’s recesses. Rarely my briefs I receive without a period reclining on the sofa. If sleep comes dropping slow, so be it. Some of my greatest ideas have come to me whilst asleep. Some have been instantly forgotten on waking but I console (fool?) myself by classifying them not worthy.

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