Mr Bommit

Mr Bommit lived in a bucket

He came from a land called Uppsett Stomach

Inside his bucket was very smelly

Like all the bad things from a rumbly belly
All the carrots went crunch crunch 

The last time we saw them was for our lunch
Mr Bommit made an awful sound

As he poured himself out on the ground
He burbles and burps and gurgles goo

Sometimes I found it on my shoe
Even when my dinners very tasty

Mr Bommit ruined it he’s so hasty
When Upsett Stomachs not too good

It’s the wrong place to be storing food
It rumbles and roars and chunters up

You just can’t stop it when you burp
The only thing to stop Mr Bommit is

A little Sprite with sugar on it
It makes him want to go away 

Don’t come back Mr Bommit another day. 

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