Today I’m Listening To. . .

I upgraded my iPhone the other day to a 3GS 16 GB. My experience with phones has been interesting. I still have a big brick of a thing I had in 1999. I remember going to the Champions League Final in Barcelona with my brother Peter and a few other lads including Stuart Wilson, formerly of CreativeLynx in Manchester.

Stuart had a nifty wee Nokia and I had this big thing in my pocket that said ‘Is that a mobile phone or are you just pleased to see me’. Since then I’ve been through PDAs, smart phones, stupid phones, you name it. In summer 2008, I dropped a trusty Nokia e65 into a rock pool when I was crab fishing with the children. It was time to bite the bullet and get a new phone.

My friend Kieran Lappin and his wife Ann Marie amused us one night with their ‘his and hers’ iPhones. I admit I was jealous, and thought ‘I want one of those.’ It took me a minute or two to get the hang of it, but it’s definitely a good job. Around the same time Angela got one, although she had a mishap a few months later when our daughter Treasa decided to drop it into the bath. I dutifully got her another one, although we didn’t really ever talk about it again.

Anyway, I now have a funky new phone on upgrade from O2. And what did I do with the old one? Well, it’s been pressed into use as a permanent iPod, docked and loaded, ready for action. It sits in the corner blasting away through a Bose Wave System. So that’s what I’m listening to today.

ps: Angela’s due an upgrade today as well. At least if this one goes for an early bath, we’ll have two old ones to fall back on!