Broken Things

My iPhone. Water got in. Now a dog.

Washing Machine. Has sounded like a helicopter taking off for months. Now it’s just fubar.

Leo’s remote control plane. One second flight propellor cracked. Thankfully no passengers were lost or injured.

My memory. Struggling for words. This happened before. Very strange.

Sorcha’s green ceramic elephant she made in Westport. She broke its head off and it sits on the desk now decapitated accusing me.

The Car radio. Volume button is fubar.

Car seatbelts have become idiosyncratic.

The bin in the kitchen – no longer ingenious the way it slides out on pulleys. Fubar.

Trampoline safety net needs fixed.

One hen. Gone. Deceased? Or did it just get fed up and fuck off?

Enthusiasm for coaching. Low ebb. Need to summon something from somewhere.